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An intelligent and good-natured coin built on Radix.

Key Features

  • Samuskycoin has a partnership with Radix Collection, so you can earn badges for participation
  • 1% of the total supply of Abandoned Scorps NFTs are held by Samuskycoin as a treasury asset to reward holders in future.
  • Samuskycoin has been mentioned in news outlets like Yahoo Finance, Benzinga, NewsBTC, Bitcoinist and more.


Buy Tax: 5%

3% Bnb redistribution
1% marketing
1% Liquidity pool

Sell Tax: 15%

12% Bnb redistribution
2% marketing
1% liquidity pool)


2.5 Billion

Circulating Supply

5 Billion

Max Supply


10% reserved for liquidity pool in 2022. It will trade on Ociswap, the first Radix DEX.

2.5 Bn

Tokens distributed to seed round buyers who paid around 1 XRD per 9200 SMK

Community powered: Samusky has a motivated and fun community

The tokens are held by diamond handed holders from the early Radix community











Phase 1

10,000 Telegram Members

Contract Deployment

Listing on Pancakeswap

Post-Launch Marketing

Certik Contract Audit

1,000 Token Holders

Phase 2

Coingecko Listing

Coinmarketcap Listing


2,000 Token Holders

First Prototype Released

Phase 3

Whitebit Listing

Bitmart Listing

Certik Contract Audit

Website Redesign

Whitepaper V2 with Lending Information

Phase 1

1- Website Launched

2- 10,000 Telegram Members

3- Contract Deployment

4- Listing on Pancakeswap

5- Post-Launch Marketing

6- Certik Contract Audit

7- 1,000 Token Holders

Phase 2

1- Coingecki Listing

2- Coinmarketcap Listing

3- Whitepaper

4- 2,000 Token Holders

5- First Prototype Released

Phase 3

1- Whitebit Listing

2- Bitmart Listing

3- Certik Contract Audit

4- Website Redesign

5- Whitepaper V2 with

Lending Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Samuskycoin is a meme token created to promote the Radix network, which is the fastest and most scalable digital ledger tech in the world without sacrificing atomic composability.

Samusky is currently listed on DogeCubeX, a centralised exchange. After the Babylon network release, SMK will be listed on a Radix DEX.

Like all meme coins, its value will depend on the decisions of community members. The incredible popularity of the seed round heavily suggests future value.

The best way to contact the team is through our Telegram.